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    When dangerous substances are introduced into the ecosystem, pollution occurs. Pollutants are these damaging substances. Pollutants can be organic substances, like volcanic ash. They may also be the result of human activities, such as garbage or factory runoff. Air, water, and land quality are all harmed by pollutants. 1. Human made pollutants are called (a)

  • Indian National Movement Phase II0

    Indian National Movement Phase ll started from (1905-1919) a period of extremism The British government’s administration and policies in India were not challenged by the Congress in any of their petitions. As time went on, the young Indians began to lose hope in the constitutional process and moved closer to a road of violence. During

  • Indian Banking System0

    Several groupings have been created in India to categorise banks and banking. Each group has unique benefits and drawbacks to its activity. Indian Banking system have certain target market for themselves. Some people work only in rural areas, while others combine their rural and urban employment. The majority of them only support urban areas and

  • Natural Vegetation and Forest0

    The term “Natural Vegetation and Forest” describes a plant community that has developed organically over time and without human intervention. Virgin vegetation is what this is. Thus, while orchards and cultivated fruits are considered to be a part of vegetation, natural vegetation does not. The following are the principal types of natural vegetation in India: